Community members of all faiths and belief systems share a common value: that housing is a basic human right.

No matter what challenges our community members are facing, our first priority is helping to end homelessness. Our staff, partners and volunteers all share this commitment. When you visit the IRC, you’ll see just how powerful it is when people from all backgrounds come together toward the common goal of protecting this basic human right. This is so important, especially since most people are surprised by the realities of homelessness in our community. Learn more.

The Interactive Resource Center is Guilford County’s only day resource center for people currently facing, experiencing or coming out of homelessness. We use a whole-person approach to address all aspects of the homeless experience. This means we provide everything from fundamental services (showers, laundry, or a mailing address for example) to medical and mental health care, case management and employment services. We meet our guests where they are, gather the resources they need to gain shelter and help them create a new path forward.

The IRC is on a mission to end homelessness. Every step of the way, we are driven by these essential beliefs and values:

We don’t judge; we build.
We greet everyone who walks into our facility as a fellow human being and offer basic human dignities like a shower, clean clothes or a cup of coffee. We’re able to build a trusting and transformational community because we see our guests as we see ourselves and we work alongside them.

We value lived experience.
The majority of our staff has personal connections to poverty and homelessness. We understand the challenges and work to eliminate barriers to service. Because we value lived experience, community members experiencing homelessness are not only welcome here; their perspectives, abilities and contributions are valued.

We engage our guests in their own progress.
We’ve experienced firsthand that one is more apt to make progress when they have the support to determine for themselves how to move forward. That’s why we practice self-determination — empowering our guests to determine what’s best for their own lives and what success means to them.

We don’t duplicate. We leverage.
People and organizations all over Guilford County are doing great work. We work in tandem with partners to better reach the people we serve. Rather than duplicate services, we combine our strengths to collaborate and achieve more together.

A whole-person approach to services

The IRC offers three levels of support to those experiencing or facing the threat of homelessness. Learn more about our services or how you can help end homelessness.

Their stories create our story

Get to know and become inspired by the people of the IRC. Our guests, volunteers and staff members share their stories on the IRC blog.

The numbers are staggering

The facts about homelessness are daunting, but just as powerful is our potential to create positive change when we band together. Learn more about what we’re facing as a community and join the IRC in our mission to end homelessness.

The IRC Team

Michelle Kennedy

Executive Director

Nakia Brown

PATH Case Manager

Cayce Burch


Mia Dixon

Fundamental Services Coordinator

Tiffany Dumas

PATH Peer Support Specialist

Victoria Etayem

PATH Case Manager

Mitch Fryer

PATH Benefits Specialist

Alex Moseley

PATH Case Manager

Terrence Pleasants

PATH Team Lead

Kristina Singleton

Director of Community Engagement

Lana Skrypnyk

Operations & Development

Melanie Yokeley

Asst. Fundamental Services Coordinator

The IRC 2017-2018 Board

Goldie F. Wells – Founder, Citizens for Economic and Environmental Injustice

David D. Farmer – Retired Business Owner

Nancy F. Famer – Retired Business Owner

Neal Dorman – Internal Audit Manager, Tanger

Fran Pearson – Project Coordinator, Congregational Social Work Educational Initiative

Ames Chamberlin – Chamberlin Law

Madeleine Dassow – Owner, New Home Building Supply

Jen Strasser – MSW

Kaye Ward – Director of Product Development, Lincoln Financial

Garrett Saake – Director of Programs and wellness, Wellspring Life Plan Community

Jim King – Owner, Austin Financial Management